February 19, 2018

Eight years ago my life changed when a woman from Care Net told me the test was positive…At 16 years old and getting that news, I had concluded my life and my future was over.  The woman from Care Net saw the tears running down my face, she grabbed my hand and reassured me this was a blessing from God.  At the time I didn’t  believe her, but man was she right! My child changed my life; to strive harder and to achieve goals I didn’t think I could.  Now 8 years later I found myself walking into Care Net. I was told the test was showing positive and I had to consult a physician to confirm. She explained to me how amazing Care Net is to help learn and provide for my baby.  Once I got going at Care Net it amazed me the love and care all the staff showed…I have never been judged on my ethnicity, financial status or the beliefs I have.  Truly all the supporters and staff of Care Net are changing people’s lives who walk through their doors.  You are not just teaching us how to be good parents, but great role models for our children.  God thank your for the love you show his people and I. Thank you for the care you show for my family.  Our lives our forever changed.