Monica-my WHY!

I went to an amazing ED meeting at Amarillo Area Foundation that absolutely spoke to me in a way that I did not think possible.  So this is my WHY! About 14 years ago I called a Care Net facility in Amarillo in total error.  You see, I was the abortion-minded client and by the grace of God I was not originally from Texas, so I did not know that this was not the correct area code.  I had the sweetest lady on the other side that spoke to me. Her name was Cora. I remember it as if was yesterday.  She talked me into coming in to meet her, and so I did the next morning.  I was terrified that she would judge me because she knew I had scheduled an abortion.  To just say that I was an emotional WRECK is an understatement.  No one knows what that feels like unless you are standing in that situation.

So I get there, fill out some paperwork, and later met with the woman I spoke to on the phone previously the day before.  She introduced herself and asked me if she could give me a HUG…A HUG that I so desperately needed!  You see, my daughter’s father walked out the day I told him and my own father disowned me. I felt so alone at that time.  That day we spoke for hours it seems, and later I got to meet Candy who also reassured me that God had a plan and a purpose.  They were right!  I have a 14 year old daughter today because by some miracle someone told me that I would make it through this and I chose to believe them.  Care Net is a place where I found unconditional love and it will always have a special place in my heart.

I am now the Executive Directer of Care Net here in Dumas, forever in love with the chance to be here for the next person walking in our doors.  It was because of what Care Net stands for that allows me to give hope to others.

So this is my why! I don’t ever want someone to feel as if they are alone in their pregnancy from the beginning to the end.  We will be here with open arms…God Bless!